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February 2019
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Feb 3 6:00 18:30
It's time again for the Pack 750 Pinewood Derby. Time to find out who will be going on to the District and Council races at Scout Fair in April, and who will be going to cheer on our winner!

The race schedule is shown below. Note that Scouts race by den first, and then as mixed groups for the finals and semi-finals.
.Lions Check-in 9am/ Race Time 9:30am
Tigers Check-in 9:30 am / Race Time 10:00 am
ii. Wolves Check-in 10:00 am / Race Time 10:30 am
iii. Bears Check-in 10:30 am / Race Time 11:00 am
iv. Webelos I Check-in 11:00 am / Race Time 11:30 am
v. Webelos II Check-in 11:30 am / Race Time 12:00 pm
vi. Break - Lunch
vii. *Open Division Race Time 12:30- 1:00 PM
viii. 1:00 pm Semifinals
ix. 2:00 pm PWD Award Ceremony
x. 2:15 pm Cleanup

Volunteers needed!
We can't make this event happen without your help! Please help set a great example for our Scouts by volunteering your time to help make this event a big success!

The Friday evening before the race, we are looking for parents to help with setup at St. Elisabeth Seton. Many hands make light work. We will have access around 4pm.

The day of the races, we need parents to help out with a variety of tasks. These include:

* Check-in: Weigh the cars, verify that they meet the dimensional limits, and assign their race numbers.
* Impound: Help manage the cars once they have been checked-in, and provide them to the Scouts for each race, then recover them from the Scouts after their race has been run.
* Repair Table: Help Scouts whose cars develop last minute glitches or who need help adding graphite or making other last-minute adjustments.
* Lunch: Help take pizza orders, purchase and distribute pizza, drinks and munchies at the event.
* Running the races: We sometimes need adults to help run the race management software, troubleshoot tetchy race hardware, and generally make things go.
* Clean-up: We always need extra hands to hang around afterward and get things squared away. The church generously allows us to use this space for our events every year, and we would like them to continue to do so. Leave it better than you found it is The Scouting Way!
*Race Management Software

Don't know how to do something, but you're willing to help out? On the job training is available! That's how the rest of us learned, and we still have all of our fingers, right?

Specifications for constructing your Scout's derby car
The San Diego-Imperial Council has published the specifications for the 2016 San Diego 500 (the District- and Council-level Pinewood Derby races). In order for our Scouts' cars to be eligible for the races at Scout Fair in April, all cars must comply with the Council specifications. They can be found here:

Remember that it is the race scale, not your home scale, that will determine whether or not your Scout's car complies with the weight limits. It's a good idea to have at least some of the weights easily removable without damaging your car to make last-minute adjustments to comply with the rules. Similarly, the official "size box" will be what determines length and width compliance. The geometry limits are to ensure that the track and timing equipment are not damaged by any of the derby cars. Also, the goal here is for the Scout to learn about building a derby car and have fun doing it, not for the parents to make the car *they* want. That's for the Open Division races (see below)!

Open Division
The Open Division races are the chance for our pack parents and siblings to play, too! The rules are largely out the window for these races, but the geometry rules still apply to protect our track and timing gear from damage. Want to race your car from last year? Want to see how fast a 10oz car will go? Ever wondered about making a GoPro video of the Pinewood Derby? Parents who think that racing derby cars is cool and you want to build one of your own? This is your race!

We look forward to seeing everyone at our Pack's Pinewood Derby on February 9th!

Any questions? Please contact your den leader for more information and to volunteer to help out!

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